Armed Forces Flag Day Celebration

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7th December, also known as Armed Forces Flag Day, is a day that is dedicated towards collection of funds from people of India towards the welfare of the Indian Armed Forces personnel. This prestigious day was celebrated in SCIT and it was Brigadier Kishor K. V. Kanzhode who blessed the students with his presence.
Brigadier Kishor K. V. Kanzhode is a war veteran and has spent 35 years in the army after which he was associated with Symbiosis International University for almost 10 years. When he was approached by the ISR committee students to give a speech about his experience, he was not sure how he’d put 35 years of his life in front of the students in 35 minutes. This is why he planned for it to be an interactive session where the students can ask anything they would like to know. He also shared some of his experiences from his days back in the army and how one of his reasons of joining the army was because he did not like to study. It wasn’t just this but he also loved the uniform of the army.
He then asked the students as to what they feel are the important things that they should get from a job. There were many factors that the students felt were important to them after which he said that all these things are easily offered in the army. He also listed down the websites where the students could find more information about joining the army. It was a great session and the students were really grateful that they got to share the experiences of one of India’s “Jawaan”.