..and the race begins, right from the first day !!

By Administrator 123erty

…140kmph ..150kmph ..160kmph ..165kmph …167kmph …and… and… o oww, I again missed 170kmph !!

I gave a retarded look to the driver of a car who came in between me and 170kmph. Moving ahead, I thought ‘thats fine.. I’ll try again while going back to Mumbai..’ a smile passed by my face.. and at next moment it faded away.. I looked at my bags through rear-view mirror.. I realized that I’m not going to get that chance anytime soon.. I was shifting to Pune.. for studies.. for MBA ..at Symbiosis.. I smiled again !!

Though I was home stuck for few months after completing the engineering, I was damn happy. I was living the life the way I wanted.. I was roaming around.. I was doing some Music.. my Internship.. in between I was preparing for MBA entrances.. hahah !! To be very frank, I had zeroed down on SCIT in the very first encounter with Symbiosis’ institutes list. ‘IT’ was my choice. And as expected, I got through with it in 2nd merit list. I was content.

I look at life  strictly through my own point of view, may be that’s why I get more instances to smile..I was about to experience the hostel life for the very first time in life. I took a turn towards Hinjewadi. Soon, the names of IT giants were visible, one by one..

Finally, 4th June arrived. The induction day. Because of white shirt and black trouser dress code, D-hostel was looking like a club of lawyers or waiters.

All were lined up outside the auditorium. Everyone were looking at all others with an attitude-packed gaze, especially towards girls’ section. We were settled in auditorium. After few minutes, a group of Symbiosis dignitaries arrived, comprising of SCIT director Hon’ble Dr. Raman sir, Symbiosis vice-chancellor Dr. Gupte mam,  the Director of Symbiosis University Dr. Yeravdekar mam,  the Director of CITRIX & alumni of SCIT Mr. Verma. The look on their face was showing how calm and composed they are.

Dr. Raman Sir sold himself to our hearts in few minutes after he took to the microphone. Man.. I still remember his fierce speech. That’s how a director of Institute, the captain of the ship should be. At the end of his speech, he had ignited the fire at least in my belly..!!

After the ceremony, I thought of walking around the campus. Alone. I was sensing independence from the moment mom had left on earlier day. I decided to carry on with the same feeling. Of course the first place I visited was the cafeteria. The man on the counter vocalized the menu list in a minute.

I grabbed a coffee and walked out. There I saw a Health Care center. Healthcare center had a physician, a dentist, x-ray room, a gym…whoaa !! From there I turned towards grounds. Campus has big good ground to play almost all sort of games. The whole campus is very well maintained. While I was walking towards the Institute back, a group of girls standing in the corner requested me to take their snap, and handed over me a cam… ahaah !!

After spending couple of hours in campus, I walked back to the D-hostel. BY then, my third roomie had arrived. I felt a bit awkward looking at him setting up his antic stuff. Well not for longer time. We started sharing our resources- deos, hair gels, shoe polishes, detergent bar etc-right from the first day.

Now whenever three of us, Sourav, Yougant and I are together, D-917 is a laugh-riot. As a cheers to upcoming life, we decided to dodge the mess food that day and had chicken tandooris, tikkas, paranthas in a hotel situated within the compound of D-hostel. A hotel in front of hostel; one more reason to rejoice 😉

Upon coming back to room, Yougant’s ‘nazar’ fell on my guitar and fermaishh was made for couple of songs. As my voice isn’t tolerable, I asked both of them to sing only to discover that theirs is worse.. but we were shouting from the depth of our bellies, in a joyful blissful mood, the lyrics..

“..Give me some sunshine,

Give me some rain..

Give me another chance I wanaa grow up once again…”


Life is smiling.. I’m happy.. The SCIT chapter has begun.. 🙂