About Web and Media Team

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: July 29, 2020Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on About Web and Media Team

The Web and Media Committee, is a core committee of Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, and exemplifies the true definition of unity in diversity. The committee provides a platform to showcase the creative talent and passion that dwells on campus. It is rightly said that the efforts behind the scenes are what that makes any event worth watching and attending; and that’s the role Web and Media plays on campus.
The committee has an active role to play in every event that takes place on campus, from major events such as Graffiti, the flagship event of SCIT, The Independence Cup and Sprout IT to Guest lectures; team Web and Media plays a very integral role in the execution of the event, from graphic designing to covering and posting about the event online.
Photographers, Video-editors, Graphic designers, Bloggers, Social Media representatives, and Web developers together make up the Web and Media team. The core values of the committee are rooted in teamwork and collaboration; dividing tasks but multiplying successes, and it’s true not just internally but it also reflects when they work with other committees on campus such as Admissions, ITELF, Guest Lecture etc. to make an event successful.
The promise of delivering best results is reflected in the work they do, be it the thousands of pictures they take, the words they write, the websites they build, the edits they make, the designs they create, the posts they make online and most importantly the time and effort they give just to make an event successful.
It’s a perfect place that teaches you not just about teamwork but also to accept rejections so you thrive and explore your potential to the best possible extent. When you look back at the years of work, it’s not just the piece of work you see that exist out there, it’s always behind the scenes, you will remember.