He is in a catch 22 situation….

By Administrator 123erty

He has an opinion on everything and everybody. He used to speak his mind out without really thinking about the consequences. His friends started telling him, ‘how could you say that?  She is hurt, you hit below his belt etc…” He realized (rather others made him realize) that he is creating unintended outcomes through his utterances.   One fine day he stopped talking. Then people began to murmur behind his back that he has an attitude. Look at that arrogant, snobbish, snooty, patronizing guy. He doesn’t even want to talk to us. He started devoting his time to researching and writing. His guide told him you are writing somebody else’s ideas.  He was made to realize that his readings color his opinions. He stopped reading. Everyone started thinking that this guy thinks that he knows everything and does not need to read. And the story continues. The dilemma is ever present. The question is ‘to do’ or ‘not to do’? He is in a catch 22 situation….

Prof.Shaji Joseph