Can one afford ignoring upcoming technologies?

By Administrator 123erty

Being a manager in an IT organization needs good understanding of business management in high-technology industry. This involves the knowledge of fundamentals of business management and also, of managing the technology for leveraging value and high-returns. Therefore, the idea of not bothering much about technology is flawed. Mapping the technology trend to understand the strategic shifts that your business needs to take in near and distant future is in the core of technology management.

High technology industries are characterized by a large proportion of qualified and highly skilled manpower like Scientists, Engineers and Technologists. This segment of organizational manpower is skilled to keep a watch on technology trends and possibility of in-house innovation through that. Managers need to interact directly with this segment of human capital to understand the possible ways to exploit the technology and create value through innovative application for the markets. Can they really afford not knowing the technology? Let us accept the fact that managers in IT industry need to know technology and engineering appropriately for proposing the design of effective solutions for different segments of customers.

Human Computer interactions are thought to be just another subject of study but the way this field is developing is amazing. See the link to know the latest wonderful development that would help us in sharing our workload with computers. Can we ignore the business implications?

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