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Graffiti 2023

Graffiti is the two-day annual techno-managerial fest and a flagship event of SCIT. For the past two years, it has been happening in online mode, and this year Students had the chance to bring this flagship event back to Symbiosis Infotech Campus at its total capacity. Since it was a new beginning, the theme for Graffiti 2023 was “Ab initio.” Students passionately worked in close collaboration for more than a

Guest Lecture: Maximizing the business value by making data-driven decisions

On 7th Jan 2023, the Guest lecture Committee of SCIT organized an online guest lecture. They invited Dr. Viral Gupta, Director of Global Practice for Data Engineering & analytics, Nagarro, to share his valuable insights with students. Dr. Gupta has over 25 years of industry experience working in companies like Accenture and DXC technology. The topic for the lecture was “Maximizing the business value by making data-driven decisions” Dr. Gupta

The pace of life in MBA

It’s been a semester since I have been at this campus of SCIT, and ever since, I have experienced a change in the pace of life. Though My experiences are based on residing at SCIT, it would hold true for all good B-Schools. So, one significant shift that occurs in your life from the moment you enter the gates of a B school is that your life will run at


On 26th November 2022 Guest lecture Committee of SCIT invited Mr. Ashish Kulkarni, an APAC leader in a large MNC. He is PGCP graduate from IIM Nagpur. Leading a team of more than 250 in the security and privacy area, Mr. Kulkarni is also a seasoned speaker of the ISACA cyber security forum. Mr. Kulkarni wanted the session to be more of a dialogue rather than a monologue. The lecture


A Guest lecture on “Technology Risk Management” was organized by the Guest lecture committee of SCIT. The guest lecture speakers were Mr. Nitin Makhija, Director UBS Bank, Ms. Deepti Dharwadkar, Associate Director UBS Bank, and Ms. Ambika Singh Kelwa, Risk Specialist UBS Bank who is also a SCIT alumnus of the 2017-19 batch. Mr. Makhija and Ms. Dharwadkar started the lecture by engaging the students in a quick revision of