The beginning of a new beginning!! My first day at SCIT.

By Administrator 123erty

imagesYes, the brand name SYMBIOSIS, but what about the college SCIT?
Yes, you have people coming from the place where you are from, but will you be able to adjust with people from all over the nation?
Yes, hostel life I have heard is amazing, but will it be possible without like minded roomies?
Yes, academics is important, but will SCIT provide me the platform for overall personality development?
Yes, seniors said hostel food is good, but will it be good enough?
Yes dear readers, these were all the pertinent questions which flooded my mind while I was coming to this beautiful place called Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology.
Like any other student I had joined the institute with dozen of unanswered questions and just one thought binding us all, the belief and faith in the brand SYMBIOSIS!
Somewhere when I used to get entangled in all the complex thoughts, the ifs and buts, the only way to come out of it was the mere thought that you will be associated with the brand Symbiosis, every thing else will be taken care of!
But then all my queries, all my doubts, all my fears were completely obviated the moment I entered campus!
My first interaction was with my roommate, Garima Singh, and the friendship, the click, it was all instantaneous! Believe me when I say this, the level of comfort was experienced from the first moment itself. I just knew god has been kind and my biggest apprehension of having my best friend in my roommate was taken care of! That wish has been granted!
Next biggest worry for me was FOOD!!!! Already underweight, this was the only deterrent for me while leaving home. But then I was served with the three course meal of SIC mess. I never thought mess food will be something I’ll relish, but I did! And that very moment I made a phone call back home informing my parents, don’t worry, your daughter will not shrink further ๐Ÿ˜€
Next we had the induction session. Something which made me fall in love with this institute was the directors address. Dr. Raman’s thought provoking 20 minutes monologue was something which motivated me and I am sure his positive words will keep the spark alive not just for two years but for many many years to come (yes, I noted down all the stories and quotes to revisit them if I ever forget).
Other important thing which completely took me by surprise was the introduction to even the peons and staff members! I was really touched! Yes, they contribute a lot to make things work here smoothly and they deserved the loud thunderous applause from all of us. Our director assured just that!
Next came the ice breaking session with the batch mates! Being a fresher I was told that you might feel out of place because of all experienced people around you. Again that misconception was cleared, and believe you me, we have the most friendly lot here.
Other thing which kept lingering on my mind was the concern whether we will be having enough extra circular opportunities. Academics is something we all will be doing, but extra curricular is what I want to indulge in. Again the very first day the sense of relief was felt when I got to know that we have enough committees for all we desire!
So far so good! But the ‘best’ thing which all the more strengthened my love for this place is the recreation facilities offered at the campus. The mere sight of swimming pool made me ecstatic. Being a swimming enthusiast, I feel after like years I can enjoy my favorite hobby which is just 2 minutes walking from my hostel (heartiest prayers that I should be getting the time out of the busy schedule! :p).
All in all, SCIT has given me everything I wanted out of my B-School. I can proudly say I am a part of a premier IT B-School and I have this strong feeling I’m going to be a much more confident, smart and strong individual when I’ll be leaving the campus.
Lastly, I would like to conclude with the following saying by Mandy Hole which never ceases to inspire me:
“You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”
Looking forward to the amazing two years at MY very own MIGHTY MIGHTY SCIT! ๐Ÿ™‚

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