Say No To Drugs

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Drugs have become a status symbol for the present generation youth. Youngsters use it as a means to get rid of their stress. Slowly and gradually,he gets habituated of taking drugs and then a point comes when the individual finds it almost impossible to get rid of the same.

Here are few ways through which an individual can “Say No To Drugs”.

=>Give a Reason, Fact or Excuse to get away from the person or situation offering drugs.
=>Walk Away
=>Change the subject
=>Use Humor
=>Repeated Refusal
=>Cold Shoulder or Ignore
=>Be in group of non-users
=>Avoid the situation

There might me many more ways through which an individual can stop himself from this bad habit and live a happy,long life. Last but not the least,it is all a matter of self determination which can do wonders to SAY NO TO DRUGS.

Aadya Aditi


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