My First Day @ SCIT!

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My first day at SCIT
I Woke up in the morning with the call from my mom ,as non of my roommates has came to the hostel i was being lazy and feeling bored suddenly my room door knock, one of my roommate Ketan came with his father kept his stuffs in the locker and told me that lets meet in the induction program and left the room with his dad.
Then i just came out of my room and meet ooomii ,Nikhl and Prasad these guys are next to my room, have some formal talks with them and after that we all together went for the induction program .
It is exactly the same feeling that i had felt when i was in my engineering but that was Orissa my hometown now a place very far away, the day was good ,meet more batch mates its a nice day ,the campus is awesome ,the food is great ,feel proud to be a part of this institution.
After returning to the hostel have some fun time with my side roomies as non of my roommates came to the hostel i was alone, feeling bored have my dinner and went to sleep

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