Independence Cup 2017 : Day 11/12

By Administrator 123erty

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The Indoors of the Independence Cup kicked off on 22nd Aug 2017. This time, it was Table Tennis and the brain game, Chess. The SCITians proved that they are no less fans of indoors. The day started with many one-on-one’s. Chess and TT took place simultaneously. In Chess, the finalists from the 1st round competed against each other in the 2nd round and so on. The Queen in the Girls’ Chess came out to be Alka(PGP 2017).  After an intense match, the Boys’ Chess was triumphed by Biswas(ITBM 2017-19).  The second day, 23rd Aug, was a day for Table Tennis finales. Finalists from the first day competed against each other. Girls’ TT was won by Yoginya(DSDA 2017-19) and Boys’ Table Tennis was won by Parth(ITBM 2017-19). The crowd showed no lethargy in cheering up for their players. Students showed same enthusiasm as that shown in the outdoor matches. Next was the time for doubles matches. At the end, Boys’ Doubles was won by the duo, Parth and Vaibhav(ITBM 2017-19). In the Mixed Doubles, Shivangi and Amit(ITBM 2016-18) were the winners.

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