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Harmful Effects of Products Consumed Daily

Brushing your teeth and washing your mouth using the following products with Triclosan can expose you to the harmful effects of Triclosan that include impairedheart and muscle function and hypothyroidism. Through FDA loopholes, products created for oral health that contain Triclosan are regulated by the FDA instead of the EPA which regulates Triclosan as a pesticide and preservative.
Though the effects of Triclosan are well documented in the fight against gingivitis, we believe that the benefits outweigh the costs, especially considering that Triclosan is found in the bodies of over 75% of Americans and Canadians. Support the efforts to remove triclosan from consumer products by buying products that do not contain this harmful chemical. Our recommended list of alternatives are triclosan-free and are recommended by doctors, dentist and pharmacist recommended.

1. Chewing gum causes unnecessary wear and tear of the cartilage that acts as a shock absorber in your jaw joints. Once damaged, this area can produce pain and discomfort for a lifetime.
2. You use eight different facial muscles to chew. Unnecessary chewing can create chronic tightness in two of these muscles, located close to your temples. This can put pressure on the nerves that supply this area of your head, which can lead to chronic, intermittent headaches.
3. You have six salivary glands located throughout your mouth that are stimulated to produce and release saliva whenever you chew. Producing a steady stream of saliva for chewing gum is a waste of energy and resources that could otherwise be used for essential metabolic activities.
Granted, this isn’t a significant cause of disease and dysfunction for most, but a physiological fact that deserves acknowledgment, in my opinion.
Aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet and SugarFree Gold)
Serious Charges: There are complaints of the reactions like panic attacks, mood changes, visual hallucinations, manic episodes, and isolated dizziness after the consumption of Aspartame. On heating it tends to break down to formaldehyde and DKP which are poisonous. Hence it cannot be used in cooking.
Saccharin (Sweet n’ Low)
Infamous for: The Ban in US after a Study stating that it causes bladder cancer in rats.
Serious Charges: Saccharin is known to cause Eczema and Urticaria or allergic skin rash. It can also concentrate in the placenta so the intake is restricted in pregnant women.
Neotame (Equal)
Serious Charges: Some of the concerns are neurotoxin and immune toxic damage after consumption.
It has been experimentally proved that soft drinks are one of the prominent reasons for obesity. The weight gain is directly related to the amount of soft drink that a person takes in. With every single can, people unknowingly add many extra calories to their body weight.

* Another very common effect of soft drinks is diabetes. With every can of soft drink, people add large amount of sugar in their body. Long habitual intake of soft drinks can lead to ineffective insulin production from pancreases which consequently affect the sugar level in the body. This further leads to diabetes.

* It has been proved that frequent consumption of soft drink can lead to weakening of the bones and osteoporosis. Soft drinks impair the calcification of the growing bones in children.

* Studies also say that soft drinks increase the risk of tooth decay. The acidic content of soft drinks can dissolve the tooth enamel and make them weaker. It is recommended that people should avoid taking soft drinks between meals to prevent dental erosion and tooth decay.

* This fact may shock you, but is quite true. Researches have proved that constant and habitual intake of soft drink can lead to kidney stones formation. This happens because of the acidic and mineral radical balance. The body tries to buffer the acidity caused by the soft drinks with the calcium from the bones. This leads to calcium erosion, which ultimately gets settled in the kidney in the form of stones.

1. Large quantity of alcohol in the body affects the nervous system. It causes swelling and congestion in the tissues covering the brain. As a result normal powers of coordination can no longer operate. In extreme case it may lead to unconsciousness and even death.
2. Through the nerve cells governing the heart, alcohol increases the rate of contraction causing rapid heartbeat.
3. Alcohol causes inflammation (gastritis) of the stomach.
4. Excessive alcohol often damages the liver causing hepatic cirrhosis.
5. Many crimes and sinful acts are committed under the influence of alcohol as it reduces mental restrain and self-control.
6. Once a person becomes addicted to alcohol. It affects the economic condition, social life, family life and the general health of the person.

It contains nicotine which is a deadly poison. It also contains
1. hydrogen cyanide: the poison used in gas chambers,
2. carbon monoxide:part of car exhaust,
3. ammonia: found in floor cleaners,
4. methane: a component of rocket fuel,
5. arsenic: used in rat poison etc…
Each time one inhales smoke from a cigarette, little quantities of these poisonous chemicals get inside the blood through lungs and travel to all parts of the body and destroy it. Smoking lowers the immunity power or resistance, increases wrinkles, stains teeth, increases bad breath, and develops an ashy complexion. The serious ill-effects of smoking are: – various forms of cancer such as – oral, pancreas, stomach, and lung; emphysema, coronary heart diseases, and chronic bronchitis

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