Drugs ≠ Peace

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Published On: July 26, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Drugs ≠ Peace

Peace of Mind. That’s all one can ever want. Everyday thousands of people around the world try different methods to achieve it. Some find it in the comfort of their home, some find it in the pages of a good book and some find it in the notes of a song. But there are some who are misguided by the illusion of peace of mind. That’s the kind that they find in the trap of drugs and alcohol.

“DRUGS” say the word out loud in a crowd and look around at the faces of the people surrounding you. It’s not hard to guess their reaction. Everyone will either raise their eyebrows in shock or have a look of contempt and judgement on their faces. One would think that all this social taboo attached to drug abuse would be enough to deter any unsuspecting individual from falling into this lethal trap. But every other day we still hear about the growing problem of drug abuse in the society.

When someone tries drugs for the first time they think “It is fun, just this once. I’m strong .I can’t get addicted.” That’s where the problem lies. Everyone should be aware of the fact that even the first use can possibly lead to addiction .Once it starts then one falls into the drug abuse cycle that eats away at one’s life, mind and strength in every way possible.

It’s not just one’s health that gets affected. The weight loss, loss of appetite, concentration problems, irritability, heart or respiratory failure and may be even death due to overdose are just at the tip of the iceberg. These are the obvious visible effects.

One should understand that drug abuse is not the way to increase one’s social standing in the peer group. On the contrary, it leads to problems in behavioral adjustments. People generally don’t want to spend time with a drug addict who is detached, irritable and getting worse by the day .Pretty soon the addict finds himself lonely and heading into depression. Again he finds comfort in drugs and this becomes the death-trap that engulfs him.

Virginia Wolf said “You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” Drugs are a way to avoid life and reality .They thrust one into the false sense of comfort, joy and peace .None of which is real. Be true to yourself and choose life over drugs .You deserve a chance at true peace not an induced one.

Kajal Thomas MBA(ITBM) 2013-2015 @ SCIT