DRUG ADDICTION – a disease

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: July 29, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on DRUG ADDICTION – a disease

It is generally mistaken by people that drug abusers(one who is addicted) lack social responsibilities and moral principles, in reality it is a very dangerous and complex disease where quitting takes more than just will power.This happens because drug changes the brain ability to take proper decisions about what is right and what is wrong which is being biased by Addiction. Addiction is a strong and powerful feeling, can be said as sort of brain disease, that causes compulsive use of drug despite all the consequences.
Fortunately, treatments are available to help the drug abusers to counter addiction’s powerful effects. Research shows that combining treatment with behavioral therapy, i.e. with support from family and friends is the best way to ensure success for most patients.So, finally I would like to conclude that Drug addiction is bad but people who got addicted to it are not.



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