Do the big brands needs you?

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When we go to a mall for shopping we often aim for big brands products like Tommy Hilfiger, Guess, Calvin Klein, Zara etc. When we do pick these items up do we even think about the non-brand name product the no name as we call it. Have you ever thought that whether or not these companies care if you pick them or not. Do they need you buying the product or service?
You will often ask “Why me?” you say well everything starts with one, you make your first rupee when you make your first product, your first product needs to be sold to your first customer, your first customer likes the product tells another about it and not only do you get a repeat customer but now you got a referral customer too. Repeat this oh I don’t know let’s say 100,000 times and guess what you’re the talk of the industry. This is the reason why these companies spend billions on advertising every year. What you think everyone forgot Pepsi that they need to sponsor every event that happens spend millions on a IPL commercial so they are shown to millions of viewers. Do they honestly need to do that? Probably not.

They do need you and they need to keep showing you how great they are due to the small guy the possible next big thing. Just because a company is small doesn’t mean it can’t cut into your profits and fast. They only have to come up with a cheaper version of the brand name, do some serious marketing some fancy packaging a cool name and a catchy slogan and boom. Look at what’s happening in the auto industry the cheaper imports are selling like hot cakes offering more options better quality in most cases, while the big names are on the verge of collapse they need you now more than ever Don’t they?


Sagar MBA ITBM (2013-15)

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