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From phones to cars to medicines, every aspect of life has been touched by technology. If one can create technology, one also has the power to change the world. Technology is changing at an incredible pace and keeping up with such technology is a challenge in itself.

“Technology is nothing, what’s important is that you have faith in people, that they are basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they will do wonderful things with these tools.” Steve Jobs

In the same way, human resource is considered as one of the crucial assets by Information Technology industry these days. Keeping in mind the current scenario; SCIT is helping its students to become highly resourceful to meet the standards of the industry. The college is helping the students to be the best engineers with managerial skills.

Recently, the Guest Lecture committee invited one of the known personalities in the field of Software Engineering to address the students. Mr.Uday Kumar (Certified AIPMM- Product management), currently working in Addteq, is known for his DevOps expertise in the industry. He shed light on DevOps and the contribution of the same in the industry.

The session was divided into two parts: one dealt with management problems and the other half with DevOps solely. First half was initiated with question-answer round where the first question was to throw light on the difference between Engineering and Management. Active participation was shown by students and the same enthusiasm was carried throughout the session. He also informed the students regarding the change in perspective that will take place after a point of time in the industry.

He asked students to share their views on Artificial Intelligence and said that whether we like it or not, it’s coming into the picture is definite. Product Failure topic was one of the topics which raised maximum questions in the session where he mentioned that 30-40 percentage is the failure rate of products in the industry and the main culprit behind that is Requirement Collection. He added that the main problem is that our focus is not on the problem but on the solution. He said,“Every company is an IT company, if IT will not be in the correct place, out of both market and business is definite” and this statement left a lasting impact in the minds of all students.

The second half was all about DevOps. Comparison of Agile and waterfall model helped the students in understanding the real picture of the Software industry. He drew attention of students on the reasons why DevOps has an edge over the other methodologies wherein he mentioned about the Business value which is being added by DevOps in terms of Return on Investment, Net Profit and Quality to the companies. Different pillars (Integration, Collaboration and Communication) of DevOps on which it is standing and their relation with Culture, technology and product were also discussed.

Overall, the session was valuable. Students got acquainted with different Software Engineering methodologies and current market needs in terms of both development of the product and the problem that the product will solve .

Manpreet Kaur.

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