Data Science – an Industry perspective

By Administrator 123erty

A guest lecture on Data Science, from an industry perspective, was conducted at SCIT on 13th August, 2017. The guest of the day was Mr. Anuj Sharma, AVP of Health Care and Life Science Analytics, Genpact. He is a Data Science expert and a SAS certified programmer. Moreover, he’s also an alumni of SCIT. The session began with a discussion about the participants educational background, academic interests and personal passions. The speaker engaged the students’ excitement by introducing them to new arenas of Data Science and analytics like IoT, Automatic Troubleshooting, Genotype and Phenotype data, and so on.

Mr. Sharma explained the 5Vs of Big Data as – volume, velocity, variety, value and veracity. He also helped the students arrive at a better understanding by a visual definition of Data Science. He also urged them to identify the scope of a Data Scientist as someone who understands Mathematics and Statistics, Programming and Database, possesses Domain Knowledge and Command Visualisation. The knowledge sharing session was very informative and decisive to the aspiring Data Scientists in the campus.

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