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Cycling, a low-impact exercise enjoyed by people of all ages, be it children, youth, middle aged people or elderly people. Regular cycling has a large number of mental and physical health benefits. It helps in losing fat, burning a lot of calories by increasing the heart rates and assists everyone in achieving the desired weight loss goals people set. Pedal power is a low impact activity, thus it takes up the weight of the body. So the people who are unable to do the high impact sports i.e. the sports that put a lot of pressure on their joints, here cycling and running is a great alternative.


There are a number of other health benefits that one can get from cycling. One’s heart and lungs get a good workout that in return increases his/her cardiovascular fitness. This makes the heart and lungs grow stronger, which helps in the efficient transport of oxygen in the body. The risk of a heart disease and blood pressure is reduced as well. Adding to this an individual can lose up to 70 – 600 calories per half hour session depending on the individual’s weight.


One must always remember the following – “Anyone can ride a bike; Once you learn it, Can never be forgotten”. One must start off slowly as soon as they get a bike and steadily build on. Initially you should keep off the roads until have complete confidence on your riding, i.e. start off with short journeys around your own house and pick flat roads. Once the confidence level is up, speed and distance can be increased to cycle to places where you generally go by your cars. If the above flow is followed, it won’t be long before you could go on longer treks or even cycle to your office if it is a suitable distance.


Unlike a walk or jog, Biking is a better way to view your locality. One can travel a much longer distance in a short span of time and be to more places around you. One must vary its routes as much as possible as this helps to keep pedal power interesting and fun, preventing lack of motivation and boredom.


Cycles are considered to be an understated means of transport. But now with the increase in the congestion of traffic on the roads and soaring fuel prices, the use of cycles is going to increase. Riding a bike requires no petrol, insurance or a PUC (Pollution under Control) Certificate. It also helps in reducing the pollution levels as it has zero emissions, thus benefiting the environment. 

Shray Choudhary

SCIT MBA ITBM (2013-15)

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