SCIT Blog – Day 5 of the Independence Cup 2015 at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

As the Independence Cup is moving ahead , there is an air of mixed responses that you see in the aura everyday and with every match. On one hand there are days of extreme vigour, audience pitch and anxiety and on the other hand you have days with lesser audience anxiety, less tension on the field and matches which are played well to keep the ball rolling.

One such day was Day 5 of the Independence Cup 2015 at SCIT , which witnessed 2 cricket matches as well as 2 football matches , wherein each of these matches was either Juniors Vs. Juniors or Seniors Vs. Seniors. The tempo of the ground generally goes high when there are Seniors Vs. Juniors matches; with Juniors on one hand putting in their best to prove their merit and seniors trying their best to keep up the earned merit and name of their past endeavours.

But Day 5 was something off the cult, as mentioned above.

The day started with a cricket match between Div A Juniors and Div C Juniors. The wet pitch made it difficult for the bowlers to take the run-up and for batsmen to run between the wickets. Though Div A put up a nice target of 44-to-win from 8 overs for Div C, Div C players put up a real good show with Abhi Pabari showing great batting skills and hitting the winning shot to win the match in the last over. For Div A Juniors this was the last match on field in cricket for the Independence Cup.

Excerpts of the sign- off speech by Div A Captain, Nishant Vyas who happens to be a State Level and Ranjhi Trophy Player had the following mention-

“Though I was away for a few matches due to personal reasons, I had my dependables here to take care of my team, and among my dependables I count on Parth Desai and Amal Nair in the batting order and my superstar  bowler Shreyas Amte, whose name has to be etched in bold in my team’s name. Sakshat Aggarwal is another bowler whom I count upon.  Apart from them , every member of my team deserves accolades for putting up the good show. ”

The next line up of the day was a cricket match between Div A Seniors and Div C Seniors, where Div A Seniors pulled off the show in their favour. An exceptionally touching moment was the end of the match which saw seniors from both the teams celebrating together irrespective of who won or loss to true what you say-

                     “There are somethings above a Losing Morale or a Winning  strive,

                                                    That, my brother is Life!!”

Day 5 of the Independence Cup continued with the ball rolling, now a bit literally though, with the football matches of the day starting up. The first football line up of the day was between Div B Juniors and Div D Juniors. D Division Juniors took the match to their points tally closing the match with 2-0 . The first goal of the match was by Vishal Bamane and the second goal was by the deserving team captain Jatin Kajani. Despite the floors wetted with the rains, both division juniors put up their efforts to show up in good state. The last match of the day was the football match between Div B Seniors and Div D Seniors. The match which saw a lot of fan following for a Japanese football player, named Yusuke Tamura ended with his team winning the match, and closing up of Day 5 of the Independence Cup.

To sum it up all for this Day, I would say,

“A calmer day with little less anxiety,

           That was Day 5 of Independence Cup for  MIGHTY MIGHTY SCIT” 🙂

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