The Proof of the Pudding

  The first thing (and I’d dare say the only thing) that comes to mind while selecting a B-school is “placements”. Which of the big investment banks/consultancy firms/tech firms (take your pick) come to campus and when? What was the highest and lowest package last year? What has been the trend of average packages over the last few years? The focus is always to think in terms of RoI and

Dontopedalogy: The art of putting one’s foot into one’s mouth !!

Dear All A few years ago the much famed/maligned Shashi Tharoor infamously commented on the Indian Railways as ‘cattle class’ thereby antagonizing a large section of Indians. Then he went on to create a foreign relations blunder when he made a comment on bringing in Saudi Arabia as an ‘interlocutor’ to deal with the terrorist activities from across the borders. He lost his job as minister of external affairs. Recently

SCIT also offers one year fully residential PGDITBM program

Dear All Today is 18th Jan 2012, and it feels like the new year has just started, but just 13 days left  for the first month to end! Time really moves fast. Only two days to go for the GE/PI list for SCIT’s full time MBA(ITBM) program to be declared. There will be some who will be delighted and possibly many who will be disappointed. I was looking at the