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First Day Of College

3/06/2014 :- Experience the first day of college was the greatest day of my life. When i am entering the gate its very silent college,very discipline college, a very good security guard who show me the path of d-hostel then i went to the d-hostel truly very long from the campus.. then after that all scitians meet each other knowing some about each other.. and also having a breakfast.. Now

Life kicksoff @SCIT

Golden words delivered by VP at Goldman Sachs, followed by a thrilling trekking session amidst heavy rains. Mafias with guns looming over you, priests reaching to hell! Radhas accompany them to the dance floor!! Confused? Am I talking about some new trailer of a bollywood movie or what?! This is just one month of my life @ SCIT. S-C-I-T these four alphabets, from outside, always exuberated excellence and a passport