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First Day Of College

3/06/2014 :- Experience the first day of college was the greatest day of my life. When i am entering the gate its very silent college,very discipline college, a very good security guard who show me the path of d-hostel then i went to the d-hostel truly very long from the campus.. then after that all scitians meet each other knowing some about each other.. and also having a breakfast.. Now

Some Alumni Profiles

SCIT was incepted in the year 1999, since then we have seen our alumni to makes names for themselves in various industry verticals. Some of the  alumni listed below are those whom we feel proud of. Name – Ramkrishnan R 1. Year of Passing: 2009  2. Favorite Subjects in SCIT: Marketing, Proposal Making and Strategic Bidding, Business Strategy  3. The Career After SCIT (a brief description): Currently working for Cognizant Technology Solutions,