Social Being !!!

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Be the Change
We all are running with our own busy lives.
We all are moving with own interests.
We all are forgetting our own social responsibilities.


Say no to drugs. Present generation are especially more vulnerable to this menace. Illegal drugs not only have dangerous health impacts but they are a significant contributor to crime. They are a major activity and income source for organised crime.

Respect Women:

Women are the seeds of human origin. Women in the form of mother, sister, friend, wife and in whatever form should always be cared off. They are the part of the society who are most caring but neglected the most. No gender inequality should be practiced against women, they should be given equal rights as for the men. Any kind of sexual or social abuse against the women should be stopped. Since without women world will be no world, that affection that love in form of wife, mother, sister, friend really matters a lot.

Care your parents:

Today when the world is moving very fast, generation gap is also widening. Due to this fact more and more new families are opting to live in their own nuclear families leaving there roots that is parents behind, forcing them to move in old age homes. Parents are the prime god for every human, they should be respected and cared at every stage of life.

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