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Independence Cup 2016- Day 7 (Great Players with Incredible Spirit)

The sports arena of SIC campus was filled with great zeal, excitement and gamesome atmosphere on 10th of August 2016 when SCIT students witnessed the seventh day of the Independence Cup. Rotating through the different games, players participated in Volley Ball, Cricket and Football. Trying their best at every match irrespective of victory and failure, players enjoyed each and every match they took part in with lots of cheering and

THE DAY 13 – 15 BATCH CAME…..!

And the Day 7 began……The sports arena looked typically same. The chaos of students, cool breeze, cheering for one another, leaving behind the stress, players motivated to win. But today something was different. Yes, today was the day our super seniors visited college. They came to play the independence cup. A few days ago when we received an email saying that our super seniors would visit, we were surprised as