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Numerous pages have been utilized to articulate the incidents and the ill effects of ragging, but the birth of ragging has never been talked about enough. I tried to trace down the root of ragging and fell upon some interesting facts about this savage practice which is eroding our education system. Ragging originated as early as in the 7th and 8th century A.D in the country of Greece. In the

Leadership Contingency

Dear All The famous leadership thinker Fiedler F E suggested that organizations need to have different types of leaders according to the situation the organization is in. if the organization  is doing good, and has a lots of customer base, no competition, and is cash rich etc… he suggests that the organization may  have a leader who is people centric. However in situations where the organization is sailing through crisis

Education System

Kanji, a 10 year old child, who stays in a remote village in Gujarat, daily, go to school which is situated near main temple of Lord Shiva. When asked him about simple mathematical summation or multiplication of two numbers, he was not able to even read that problem statement properly. He was even lacking basic writing and reading skills in English. He is not the only “dull” student in that