SCIT Blog is a platform to inform, share news and views. Our team are passionate about what we post here. It is not just about any news, its the news that stir us. We welcome budding professionals/bloggers or seasoned professional experts who want to be associated with us for sharing their  passion for writing.

 We are a growing blog with a strong readership that is attracting more and more people everyday, so join us to grow with us.

At SCIT Blog you get this and more:

i) Creative expression with an opportunity to write what you are really passionate about.

ii) Opportunity to build your portfolio.

iii) Platform to network with extremely talented professionals from different industries across the globe.

iv) Free publicity of your work through our digital arm SRV media in all channels of social networking/news sharing sites.

v) Fan base of readers who will comment, interact and give you real time feedbacks.

vi) Complete autonomy to be your own boss and work at your own will.

vii) Learn the dynamics of digital space while interacting with our technical team who are masters in this field.

viii) Seek and get knowledge from posts by other writers.

We value qualifications, but more than qualifications we value your passion for writing. Everyone has some knowledge to share. If you are ready to share yours, we have the ideal platform for you. All we ask is an active interest in the subjects that you are writing about and a good level of written English. Our core team of experts are always there to guide you, when needed.

Our simple rules at SCIT BLOG

i) Originality is the key for SCIT BLOG.

ii) We do not promote individual business or publish contact numbers/email ids.

iii) When quoting any graphs, statistics or numbers, please mention all sources properly.

iv) No referral links/affiliate codes are allowed without prior permission/ formal approval.

v) All posts must be about 150-1000 words long.

 Next Steps

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