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First Day at SCIT

Before Jumping into the topic, This is my First Blog of my life and this is the first time going out of my home for 2 years. Please Excuse if there are any mistakes in my English. I booked Mumbai express , but as the joining date got pre-poned in the last moment I was unable to get train tickets so had to come by bus, Reached SCIT on 2nd

First Day At SCIT

WARNING: This is going to be the first the blog that I have ever written in my life. First of all I was really glad about joining this prestigious institute for pursuing MBA(ITBM) as I was targeting for it from the very beginning. I was staying with my brother and hadn’t shifted to hostel yet so I had to come to the college on a bike. This was when I

My first day at SCIT

My first day at SCIT The beginning of MBA carrier started in SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY is the best feeling for me. I got the campus as what I expected with all the facilities and most important the playground as I am interested in Sports. On first day everyone was stranger for me. I knew the slogan of SYMBIOSIS INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY which is VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM. I just kept that in my

The Best is yet to be- My first day at SCIT !!

As the driver pulled into the SCIT Campus a mixture of excitement and apprehension started brewing in my stomach. Excitement, because I was about to experience my student life again for the second time round albeit differently. A residual amount of apprehension existed, for that day I closed the doors of the past and opened the doors to the future to start a new chapter in my life. As I

First Day @ SCIT

I reached Pune on the humid evening of 2 June. That was a real turn off. Especially, when my friends back in Delhi were all praise about Pune’s weather. I was telling myself, “It’s OK buddy. You will learn to get along the weather here”. After a quick registration on the next day, I immediately called my childhood friend who was also in Pune. We met over lunch reliving our

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