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First Day At SCIT :)

“Symbiosis” & “SCIT”, the words ran through my head as I drove to the college that would nurture me for the next 2 years in my life. The thoughts of starting a new phase in my life and leaving behind the comfortable life replicated the feeling of a child’s first day of school who fights to stay with his parents rather than start the new phase in his life. Engulfed

Primer Dia @ SCIT – My new home

They say it takes time to adapt to a new place, it takes time to forget the daily jobs of past life, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, ghar ka khana and all. But I would say the given logic does not apply to every available situation. It took me only half n hour to feel at home in SCIT. Being a time sensitive guy, it paid me a lot


The first days are always special and leave a deep impact on our hearts and minds. First days are a blend of excitement, fear, enthusiasm and nervousness. But this first day was special, as I was entering a huge and prestigious International University : The Symbiosis International Univerity. It is an honour to be a part of this university. On June 4, we had our Induction programme.It started with Lamp

My First Day At SCIT

Well If I had to describe my first day at scit in one word , it would be hassle free . I arrived in pune city one day before the date to report for registrations . and reached the college half an hour before the reporting time and guess what !!! No One was there . I was excited and thrilled to be here . Just when I started to look

My First Day at SCIT

Life has a very strange and smart way of going about things and revealing her plans. She definitely knows when to pull you out of the comfort zone and put you in tough situations to grow. She definitely knows when you are stagnating in one place and knows when it is time to pull you out of it. Well, she definitely knew it was time for me to move out