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A Social Resposibility

Hi All After coming to Pune, we all have been so busy in our daily “MBA” life.  Getting up early in the morning, running for the lectures, completing Assignment , Writing exams, Participating in Sports and events  and being awake till 2#00 am completing the presenatation and case study questions for the class ! None of us have time to do any other activity. Here we also spend our “spare” time in qulaity discussions

Symbiosis shuttle Bus!

Hi Friends Commuting for D Hostel to the college was always an issue during rains. I was just wondering if there can be a solution to this menace! In fact there were days when I felt after leaving the room from D-Hostel to the college main building not to return returned back to the room when I felt I had to walk all the way in the rain 🙁 “Symbiosis Shuttle

SCIT students in Extreme Blue™ program of IBM’s internship

Dear All The Extreme Blue™ program is IBM’s premier internship program for top-notch students from the best if the educational institutions in India. The engineering students are taken as technical interns and MBA students are taken as business interns. Once selected into the program, the student becomes a part of a team working in one of the 15 Extreme Blue labs worldwide. The team’s challenge is to develop the technology

What apps?

” C U on whatsapp in a minute……”” oh!Siri…that’s cool!”,Shufflr,Iris,Fingerprint,google maps,police tape,radio apps,iPad Apps,Andriod apps……. the list goes on. All these and much more…… Our communicating language has drastically been shifting to an ‘apps slang’. Around five to six years back we rarely used the term ‘app’.It is indeed very empowering. Companies developing apps are mushrooming everywhere.Two to three people getting together can form  an app development company.Also most of the people


Dear All Awards and accolades certainly gives a feel good factor for all the stake holders of an educational institution. Last year, during the end of June, CRISIL had rated SCIT’s MBA( ITBM) program with an A*** at State level and A** at the National level. This year the world education congress, CMO Asia with CMO Council as its Strategic Partner and Stars of the Industry Group as a research

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