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SCIT – A Dazzling step to future

Direct from the heart – Dil se( purely dilliwala). Arrived on 3rd , landed in SIC, the feel of loneliness , the weird chill in the spine and last but not the least the warmth of home everything started lingering on my mind. With hostel registration done and things set up(a bit only though), I took my steps towards the mess for my first meal, nothing special about anything without

A wonderful “ESTER TAG” @ SCIT

The smell of my home made food, the pampering of my loved ones and loads of nostalgia was still haunting me when I was entering the SCIT campus. Already 2 days late, coming from Bhopal and first time out of home had already made my nerves ice cold, chilling throughout the spine ; was totally confused about what is going to happen. Entered the hostel and freshened up , arranged

My First Day at SCIT

I have had a stint of about four years at an IT firm called Cognizant after my engineering. My location was Chennai. After these four years, I had finally decided to fulfill my career plan of doing a management course. This is how I have had the really good fortune of coming to this great institute, renowned for IT management –  Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune . I reached

My First Day At SCIT…

            The following lines are true for every SCITians…             “Na jane kaha se nayi rahe mil jati hai, Koi bhi chabi kisi bhi tale me lag jati hai, Chal to diye the akele anjani rahon pe, bad me apne hi mil gaye SCIT ki rahon pe“             When I left my home, it was

My First Day At Scit….!!!!

The journey for SCIT which is going to be my home away from home for the next two years (at least two… u never know your job lands you in the neighbouring companies too) started by bidding adieu to my hometown, Ahmedabad (too obvious as I m a fresher). The thought of Socrates: “ The examined life is not worth living” crossed my mind on leaving my place as many


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