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MBA – Live the nostalgia !!

Hi All Well, its not that i organized myself in writing my experiences in SCIT, but rather its something that the reminisces of my association with SCIT was swaying across my thoughts every now and then from the day I left SCIT. We all (SCIT 2011-13 batch) have been a witness of those two years in SCIT, where we not only added something to ourselves on academic front, but added

Experience : Beyond the Borders

And finally……………. I made it to Japan. Perhaps its little late to say this, but frankly it took me a month to sink in that feeling especially after too many ups and downs involved. And now when I look back, rite from the start, I feel I was lucky to get selected and extremely lucky to fetch a scholarship for this experience. The journey wasn’t easy as many would expect,

What Young India Wants…!!

When I saw this heading of a book cover through the glass pane in Crossword, I felt the eagerness to go through it. Though the inclination was buying the book, I thought let me first think about the topic from my own viewpoint and then will see whether it matches with the writer. And behold here came the blogathon 2.0…!! I feel youth of today is interested in the welfare


OCTOBER ARCHIVE On 22-10-2012, I was done with my first semester examination papers (MBA). I had booked train at 5.40 PM for Nagpur (Home City) on the very same day. I was excited to go home after a long time. Train came 20 minutes late and I left Pune Junction at 6.00 PM. As per my plan I waited for train to start. As soon as train started moving I

SSR a platform for creating Emotional and Ecological Intelligence

  SSR a means for creating Emotional and ecological intelligence SSR of SCIT is one of the most important initiatives in creating good corporate citizens of tomorrow.  Corporate India today is faced with one of the worst crisis of conscience with so many allegations and revelations of political corporate nexus in the so many scams plaguing India. Whether it is the 2G or the Colgate scams the corporate houses are

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