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SCIT student’s project -Judged the Best Project

Dear All SCIT students are known for their potential in executing creative summer internship projects, which delivers results to the client organization. It’s more than just a “summer project” both for the student and the client. This fact is proved when organizations outside SCIT acknowledge, appreciate and recognize the talented student. Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune- PUMBA, recently organized a competition in which the final year MBA students

Gujarat – A reality and not a myth!

In one of my economics lectures, I was stated a lot of facts and figures from an economist’s point of view, obviously by an economist. I would today like to point some things from a common man’s view. A lot of comments and fingers were raised against Modi, Gujarat and its development. I will try to show the absolute truth. I was told some growth rates and Gujarat’s growth rate

Hostel Diaries – 3 Months Later !!

Two months ago, I took a huge jump into something I had personally been looking forward to for a long time! Assuming you have read the title of this post, I’m guessing you’ve figured out that the miraculous event was indeed that I got into Hostel! I have always personally felt that college life is incomplete without hostel life. Never before had I ever been exposed to hostel life. Anyway,

Kolkata – Amar Sohor (My City)

June 2nd, 2012, finally waved the final good bye from the clear skies in an indigo flight to the city of joy, my love Kolkata. I always wondered what exactly made Mr. Dominique Lapierre term Kolkata as the city of joy. Is it the aroma in the air after the first monsoon rains or the little gangs of children playing football in the mud poached Maidan grounds, or is it

Blogathan 1.0 a great start !

Dear All I always wanted the students to blog their experiences at blog.scit.edu. Today I find that Blogathan 1.0 has made articles to flood student’s blog. Web and Media team (2012-2014 batch), the members including Gaurav Thorat,Tauseef Shaikh,Saket Krishna, Naveen titare, Mayur Pawar, Ragini Kashyap under the guidance from Ms. Savitha Nair have done a commendable job! Blogging makes many students realize how high the bar of public domain writing is.