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SCIT – Placement Stats

02nd November 2012 Dear All Year after year, batch after batch, one thing that remains an attraction for many aspirants looking to join a B School to pursue their MBA program, is “Final Placements“. Placement, Prospects, Profile , Package and Position have always remained key points, which the aspirants wish to know before they zero down and select a B school. Last year’s placement statistics is available at http://www.scit.edu/placements.php#placement-stats and

The Raman Effect at SCIT !

“When a monochromatic light passes through a glass prism, the light is scattered into the seven different colours of a rainbow”. This theory is called as the Raman Effect as it was invented by Sir C V Raman and he was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery. Sir C V Raman was a great scientist , and we the SCIT students are privileged to have our very

Social Networks for Social movements

Social movements have from time immemorial used the social networking as a means to garner support. Whether it was the French revolution, the Black movement or the student and feminist movements or the  Naxalite movement of 1970s or the recent India Against Corruption movement spearheaded by Anna Hazare, all used the social networking as a means to bring together population disconnected by space, race, religion, culture and gender. Here are

What is Facebook?

What is Facebook? A young girl feels that her world has come crashing when her friends shut her off from the Facebook. Nations come crashing when FAcebook coordinated the fight of the masses (Egypt). An unknown Wes Streeting of Cambridge University managed to bring the mighty HSBC to change its policy within weeks. The Anna Hazare movement got 10 lakhs online signatures within 36 hours from across the country. Kolavari


OCTOBER ARCHIVE On 22-10-2012, I was done with my first semester examination papers (MBA). I had booked train at 5.40 PM for Nagpur (Home City) on the very same day. I was excited to go home after a long time. Train came 20 minutes late and I left Pune Junction at 6.00 PM. As per my plan I waited for train to start. As soon as train started moving I