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The First Step

It’s very rightly said that “The first step is always the hardest” & I was experiencing it first hand, but only till I stepped inside, SIC (Symbiosis InfoTech Campus) or to be more specific, SCIT (Symbiosis Center for Information & Technology). The feeling of, going back to an educational institution after working in an IT organization for over 2 years, meeting new and diverse individuals & moreover the fact that

My First Day @SCIT

It was the evening of 5th June when I reached SCIT. First I was very excited about the quietness and the cleanliness of the campus thinking that I would be residing here,but only to get disappointed later after learning that the first year boys students reside at a place called the D hostel,mere imagination of residing at a distant place made me feel anxious.After finding the D hostel with a

First Day At SCIT :)

“Symbiosis” & “SCIT”, the words ran through my head as I drove to the college that would nurture me for the next 2 years in my life. The thoughts of starting a new phase in my life and leaving behind the comfortable life replicated the feeling of a child’s first day of school who fights to stay with his parents rather than start the new phase in his life. Engulfed

Chennai Express to SCIT !

“WL 3” read the status of my train ticket just 12 hours before the departure of my train and I knew for sure that I was going to miss the induction ceremony of SCIT. How it all began ! I am from a small town called Trichy which is 300 odd kilometers from Chennai. I have a bi-weekly train from my place to Mumbai through Pune. Having made the reservation

First Day Of Being An SCITIAN :)

The day started with the thrill of joining one of those institutions of which I had dreamt about almost everyday after the pi- wat process of SNAP had ended .  With all the goodbyes and kisses from the family members I started my journey to pune where this dream education institution of mine has grown its roots and has almost taken over the world. After boarding  the early morning flight