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A tryst with nature and me (MRA Experience)

Twelve subjects.  About seven projects. Seven different project groups. Tight schedules .Even tighter deadlines. I was frustrated, irritated and in panic mode already well into the second week of my second semester. Besides this, a trip to Panchgani for MRA (Moral Re-Armament Camp) was planned out for us in the last week of the month. With all these worries I set off on our journey to MRA thinking that it


‘The best way to find you is to lose yourself in the service of others’. We as a part of Student Social Responsibility (SSR) committee of SCIT conducted a survey for the project “MILLION SOULS” in Palghar District of Maharashtra from 15th to 17th of November 2014. Little did we know that the journey of 6 hours to Jawahar would have a lot of turmoil in our lives and change

My First Day @SCIT

After a lot of efforts and slogging for about 6 months, the day finally arrived and I entered the esteemed SCIT College on 3rd June, a dream come true moment for me. Finally I am considering myself lucky to be a part of the huge Symbiosis family. The first day went in the hustle bustle of settling into the hostel and getting acquainted with my adorable roommates Shria Aakriti and

My First Day At SCIT

The first day of any new journey that we ride upon is very special,and so was my first day at SCIT(an eminent institute of the big fat Symbiosis family). I landed at the gates of SCIT and stood there for a second to make myself realise that after all the days spent spent being in the dilemma that whether to do mba or to take up a new job,im finally

My First Day @ SCIT!

My first day at SCIT I Woke up in the morning with the call from my mom ,as non of my roommates has came to the hostel i was being lazy and feeling bored suddenly my room door knock, one of my roommate Ketan came with his father kept his stuffs in the locker and told me that lets meet in the induction program and left the room with his