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OCTOBER ARCHIVE On 22-10-2012, I was done with my first semester examination papers (MBA). I had booked train at 5.40 PM for Nagpur (Home City) on the very same day. I was excited to go home after a long time. Train came 20 minutes late and I left Pune Junction at 6.00 PM. As per my plan I waited for train to start. As soon as train started moving I

Evonix Going Great Guns!

Dear All Opting out of placements is not a trend at IIMs alone any more! I am very glad that two founder members of EVONIX Technologies Mr.Mubaid and Mr.Niladri from  SCIT  (along with Mr.Chandra)  pursuing second year MBA(ITBM)   @ SCIT   have opted out of placement process. Their business is going places and they have now built a strong client base with in one year of thier operations. On

Basics of photography

The photography hype was quite evident in the first meet of SCIT photography club. There were a lot of enthusiastic people. To my surprise the number of girls outweighed the boys, which is a rarity in India and especially if you have crossed the engineering hurdle. Everyone was keen to learn the art with the assistance of our seniors Aakash, Ayan and Devesh. The first session was about the basics

Living My Dream

  It’s been More than two months of my MBA at SCIT and I think I can say that SCIT has given me what I have dreamt of before joining an MBA College. There was lot of speculations before joining SCIT.  What if I will be limited only to IT industry? Is it worth to leave my job and go for higher studies? After two months of my stay at

“Ageing Dragon and Loosing Tiger” – Beginning of Fall of ChinIndia

  Merely before two years, the world was talking about rising Asia and BRIC countries and their increasing global footsteps.  People were talking about Asia’s rising stars, India and China. The 10% GDP growth in 2010 has made the world think about considering India as the  next superpower. World was talking about repetition of history where India and China stood as number one and two economies.(For ref: Read Wikipedia about