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Hostel 101

Along with the plethora of opportunities and experiences Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology has to offer, one you definitely don’t want to miss is the life at the hostel. Yes, welcome to the SCIT ‘D’ Hostel! Few random pointers which I noted that makes living at the hostel such fun – 1. Hostel room is the new ‘ghar’ for us students for the good part of the two years at

Self Assessment

Self Assessment I was in 3rd year of engineering when I decided to pursue my MBA in future. After B.E, I joined a software firm and worked there for almost 2 years.  Meanwhile I prepared for S.N.A.P, appeared for test and got selected in SCIT. I resigned from my Company and spent around a month’s time at home. Everything was going fine. Just 7 days were left for the commencement


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