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The Differentiating Factor

You must have come across many blog posts taking the readers to a trip down memory lane, narrating some kind of a personal experience, a memory, or a feeling related to past endeavor. Well let’s try something new this time. How about a flash to the future, imagining months and years ahead and figuring out what’s going to be in-store Taking that you got placed in a reputed MnC, with

“Ageing Dragon and Loosing Tiger” – Beginning of Fall of ChinIndia

  Merely before two years, the world was talking about rising Asia and BRIC countries and their increasing global footsteps.  People were talking about Asia’s rising stars, India and China. The 10% GDP growth in 2010 has made the world think about considering India as the  next superpower. World was talking about repetition of history where India and China stood as number one and two economies.(For ref: Read Wikipedia about

SCIT-Awards and Accolades-2012

  Dear All Please find below the results of Ranking / Rating / Awards and Accolades for SCIT       Sr.No. Survey Name Results 2012 1 Careers 360 SCIT Ranked 6th Best B   School 2 CNBC TV 18 C Fore CIT ranked 39th in the Best B   School Ranking & Ranked 27th in Salary Statistics 2012 by   CNBC-TV18 3 Indian Management – IMRB   International Indian

SCIT gets grant from PMI

Dear All Case based methodology to teach techno managerial subjects, has been a practice in SCIT for quite some time. The faculty members at SCIT, uses case studies and scenario based approach to teach concepts, which has always been appreciated by students. Faculty members at SCIT also develop case studies, which are used in their classrooms. Sometimes we get opportunities to test our case writing skills and our belief that

SCIT students in Extreme Blue™ program of IBM’s internship

Dear All The Extreme Blue™ program is IBM’s premier internship program for top-notch students from the best if the educational institutions in India. The engineering students are taken as technical interns and MBA students are taken as business interns. Once selected into the program, the student becomes a part of a team working in one of the 15 Extreme Blue labs worldwide. The team’s challenge is to develop the technology


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