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SCIT student’s project -Judged the Best Project

Dear All SCIT students are known for their potential in executing creative summer internship projects, which delivers results to the client organization. It’s more than just a “summer project” both for the student and the client. This fact is proved when organizations outside SCIT acknowledge, appreciate and recognize the talented student. Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune- PUMBA, recently organized a competition in which the final year MBA students

Impact of Free Trade Agreements on India

                                Impact of Free Trade Agreements on India   Introduction In today’s world when world economy is liberalizing every country is involved in some kind of free trading agreements. Free trading agreement are the agreement in which countries agree to remove trade barriers like tariffs and quotas on most of the goods and services which are traded amongst them. These FTA seems to be beneficial for the countries because it

Chennai to SCIT

Staying in Chennai was one of the experiences I still cherish the most. There are many things you learn by experience and this is exactly how i feel about it. Now completing my MBA in SCIT a college for which i studied hard to get into during my tenure in Ambattur, Chennai. Out of many there are some special moments and places I visited which keep clicking in my mind from

Living My Dream

  It’s been More than two months of my MBA at SCIT and I think I can say that SCIT has given me what I have dreamt of before joining an MBA College. There was lot of speculations before joining SCIT.  What if I will be limited only to IT industry? Is it worth to leave my job and go for higher studies? After two months of my stay at

Lights, Camera and Reactions!!

Sitting on a crate, a person wearing the national cricket jersey hits the cricket ball with a stump and then drinks a sip of a popular soft drink. When you are growing up in a cricket frenzy nation you go head over heels when Sachin Tendulkar does something as small as sipping a soft drink. At the age of 9, I never had imagined that one day I will grow


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