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My 1st day at SCIT – A New Beginning !!

On 3rd June 2014, I started yet another new and exciting journey of my life. Leaving behind all the good memories connected with my school, college and workplace , in my birthplace, Delhi. SCIT , Pune was to be my new home for the coming 2 years. With all the excitement and apprehensions I reached Pune Railway Station, where I witnessed an amazing mass of people and also a pleasant

Buddy Project Chronicles

Day 2 – Lavale Campus Visit SIC website describes Lavale Campus as- “Located among lush hills, Lavale offers a chance to coexist with nature as it stands over a valley surrounded by clouds and painted green in its best season. Powered by solar sources, its eco-friendly functioning makes for a perfect setting for contemplative and incisive study far from the worries and hustle of the city.” I fortunately got a

Drug Abuse and Addiction

Michael Jackson- Heart-Throb and love of every dancer, Heath Ledger- Best Villain till now for me, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix,  Marilyn Monroe, Jim Morrison and other thousand of famous as well as normal people died due to intake of illegal drugs, combined drugs intoxication or Drugs abuse and addiction. Solely in America as per stats around 40000+ people died every year due to drugs intake or overdose. So what is

The Proof of the Pudding

  The first thing (and I’d dare say the only thing) that comes to mind while selecting a B-school is “placements”. Which of the big investment banks/consultancy firms/tech firms (take your pick) come to campus and when? What was the highest and lowest package last year? What has been the trend of average packages over the last few years? The focus is always to think in terms of RoI and

Richa Rajputs experiences of SAPPHIRE NOW 2013- Florida

Dear All It’s sort of shocking that summer has flown by so quickly and July is here already! It feels nice though to be back on campus, spending some time catching up with batchmates and gearing up for the internship presentations. Having now spent a good chunk of my summer working, this seems like the perfect time to share some thoughts and experiences from my internship..! My internship with SAP

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