Outbound experience

Experiences happens when we discover something.
After joining scit outbound was an experience which resulted in lots of fun, lots of learning. Before this day we were all divided into small groups , but after this trip we became a big cluster of friends.
People from different places dancing ,singing, playing together enabled each and everyone one of us to know more about each other.
Outbound helped us to interact with people from gujarat, Maharashtra, tamil nadu and many other states which was fun. The Gujarat group was so amazing that being with them for 2 days ignited the spark in me to learn gujarati.
Interactions were the best part of the trip. Some unknown faces became friends and the known faces came even more closer.
The trekking ecperience made me realise that di not give up until you achieve what u have started for. The games made me learn that team work and team management is the key to win.
The cultural event was the best in which we saw great talent. Singing ,dancing, acting …. Wow it was wonderful.
The outbound was in an area where we didnt have mobile network, which bothered me the first day but by the end if second day i understood that it was for better as it helped me to interact more with other and also with myself. It was an experience which gave me many memories and friends with whom i can make more memories in these upcoming 2 years. I hope to carry the enthusiasm forward and enjoy the SCIT experience.