The last week at SCIT has been interesting to say the least, joining the hostel, an induction ceremony like no other and then to top it off with a exhilarating and awesome outbound activity program in the scenic beauty of Panshet dam. I kinda knew that I was joining a premier institute but this was just beyond what I expected and it has left me amazed.
In the induction ceremony the emotions were running high. Before the program, there was a chain of thought questioning my very own judgment of joining the institute. Have I made the right decision? Was it wise to leave a well paying job for pursuing post graduation? What if it doesn’t work out? But it all settled down in the first few minutes itself. All it took to is an inspiring opening speech by Dr.Dhanya Pramod reaffirming me that I have made a good decision. After that there was faculty introduction. Some of them had the experience more than the years I have lived. I guess that says it all. What struck me the most was that the director of the institute was giving the introduction and she knew everyone even the bhaiyas by name. I could learn a lot from them.
After this came the Suryashibir outbound activities. I have always loved trekking and outdoor activities but this was different. I was taught about team building, responsibility, leadership and logical thinking. But most of all it gave me opportunity to make friends. Needless to say that I grabbed on to it. A big thanks to all the people at the Suryashibir, you guys are awesome.
So here I sit, finishing the first blog of my life about a place where, I am sure, I will have a lot of firsts. Cautiously optimistic, a little scared and full of excitement. It’s a long road ahead and a lot of work to be done but I know that I will be ok in the end. Till then ‘Its miles to go…