The fourth day of Independence Cup 2017 was full of splendid six games played by seniors and juniors. First game, boys’ football was played between senior C team and junior DSDA team. There was a tough fight between the two teams and finally with 0-0 score, it was a draw. Second match was boys cricket played between senior A team and junior D team. In the first innings, seniors scored 94 runs losing 2 wickets. Chasing a score of 95, juniors lost the match, losing all the wickets and scored 47 runs. Third game was girls cricket played between senior A team and junior D team. Senior team scored 76 runs, not-out. Junior girls’ team lost the match and scored only 12 runs under pressure.  Fourth game was again girls’ cricket played between senior B team and junior C team. Senior team scored 30 runs and juniors gave a tough fight. Scoring 24 runs, girls’ junior C team lost the match. Fifth game was once again boys’ cricket match played between Senor D team and Junior C team. Senior team gave a target of 47 runs to juniors. Seniors bowled beautifully and won the game by 15 runs. The sixth match was boys’ basketball. It was played between ITBM juniors and DSDA juniors. The match was won by ITBM juniors scoring 6-2 against DSDA juniors. Combining all these six games, the fourth day of Independence Cup was full of fun and joy. Let this sport spirit never die!