Beautiful-Landscape-HD-Wallpapers-FreeWell it seems like we have to write a blog post about our first day at symbiosis, and i being a serial procrastinator, have waited till the last day of submission to post my blog 😛 . My first day here in pune was the 5th of june 2014. i reached here early morning at around 6. The first impression about the city was that it was cleaner than the usual indian cities, which is always a good thing. the second thing i noticed was how green the whole city was. I , for one, was very glad about this. Coming to symbiosis infotech campus, i was really happy seeing the attention to detail the authorities have given on making the campus student friendly. What makes an educational institution better than others is, how much they care about their students, rather than the number of publications the college has on its profile. There was modern gym and state of the art swimming pool, the whole campus was wifi equipped, cold water at every nook and corner, cafeteria which is open around the clock. I could tell right away that this campus is not just a place for imparting one sided lectures, but a place for actual learning. The staff were super helpful and really good listeners. I could see that i would have a great time here for the next two years.

so thats all for the first impression. i hope you all liked my little blog. thank you.