first day at SCIT

MY FIRST DAY AT SCIT A new journey was about to begin , like every other student i entered the campus with dreams in my eyes but also with an intimidating feeling about how the staff, seniors, classmates, environment and other things would be. Being a girl child i was given a thousand caring instructions by my lovely mom about almost evrythng right from eating food on time to studying

The Unexplained Feeling

Since it was my first time on a outdoor management program on such a large scale with so many new faces around me and yet none known to me. The journey started from waking up @ 5 in the morning and realizing that one can wake up in the morning before the sun . So I packed up my stuff and head out for the campus to report . As

My Journey in SCIT

Being a Computer Engineer, I had my heart set on doing an MBA in IT, so when I got admission in SCIT I was in the seventh heaven. Joining SCIT is one of the best decisions of my life till now. I joined the campus late and I felt that making friends would be difficult but I was completely at a loss of words at such a warm welcome by


Happenings at SCIT have always been a matter of interest and sharing for the members of our institute. Events at SCIT are of varied patterns and are a mix of techno-managerial, cultural, or merely camping trips for students. In the initial days of college itself, all the students experience a beautiful trip to a camp much required for the ice-breaking and bonding between them. “Samarambhaa”, the very first cultural event

SNAP Quantitative Aptitude Test

With the SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude) test approaching on December 21, 2014, it is high time to gear up and start preparing. The key is to understand the basic concept behind the problems rather than mugging up your way out of the problems. SNAP general aptitude syllabus consists of basic problems that require understanding of the concepts and formulae; there isn’t much thinking required to solve the problems. Various websites


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