My First Day At Symbiosis

Well I had never stayed in a hostel or away from family till now so I was a very excited about experiencing the hostel life and a bit nervous as well. It was a kind off mixed feelings state for me. My entire family had come to drop me at hostel! It was an amazing experience when I firstly saw the entire campus and the hostel. My parents very happy

Outbound programme experience

The outbound activity which we went was the first gift that symbiosis could give me .since i was very much new to the place and it was initial days I hardly knew anyone except for my roommates. It was the best interactive session to know your fellow mates. Our day started early morning buses lined up for the most exotic location ever.it was on a hill top and our resort

Surya shibir

What a wonderful day to start ,all i remember was excitement to reach the place and the eagerness of what is going to happen.It started with a small game where we were divided in to groups and made to play ball passing game so that we could get to know the names of our team members.Then the real fun started “competition”,even though we met for the first time our coordination

Outbound experience

Outbound experience Experiences happens when we discover something. After joining scit outbound was an experience which resulted in lots of fun, lots of learning. Before this day we were all divided into small groups , but after this trip we became a big cluster of friends. People from different places dancing ,singing, playing together enabled each and everyone one of us to know more about each other. Outbound helped us

Outbound programme experience

The outbound program is one of the most memorable experiences for a student who has just stared their journey at SCIT. The idea of taking the 1st year students for an outdoor trip at the 3rd day of their college is a very innovative and effective idea. The students coming from various backgrounds and culture can actually meet and connect and make friends through this initiative. At least I have.


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