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Hello everyone, Recollecting something memorable is amazing and I did the same when I entered the Induction hall, Its my engineering Induction I thought of but I soon found this is something different and this MBA is of another level. Felt so amazed when I got to know that Its all in my hands, I know that feeling of awesomeness will carry me towards my destination. When we know that

Few miles that i covered in SCIT

Well, it was one of the most eagerly awaited days of my life, and now it’s past me… my first day at what most people would describe as the central jail of Pune!! I reached the city in the morning and on reporting, I was handed over the welcome brochure, my schedule, After making arrangements for my parents in the guest house I allocated to my new hostle room- it

sweta kumari

MY FIRST DAY AT SCIT As I reached late in the SCIT campus I missed that entire event we had on 3rd and 4th of June. I reached here nearly 2’O Clock on 6th June and put my bag and baggage’s there in the room. My room –mates were not there. Then I wonder in the campus and looked after everything then I went towards the office for my temporary

Importance of Communication Skills

Ability to communicate with peers in the same society is very important in life. Concept of social dynamics and communication is more or less the same in every region of this world. Human being is a social animal. By social we mean the ability to interact amongst ourselves in group. The desire of communicating amongst a group leads to the evolution of language. Communication skills do not comprise language only.


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