Guest lecture on Health and Wellness

A guest lecture was conducted on 21st February, 2018 by SCHC on health and wellness and the speaker was Ms. Sweta Naik who is a nutritionist with SCHC. The speaker started off by talking about individual wellness which depends on number of factors such as environmental, social, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, financial, etc. But the three most important factors which affect the overall health and wellness of an individual are


The second day of independence cup 2017 was magnificent. Total six games were played between seniors and juniors. First game was boys volleyball. It was played between senior B team and junior A team. In first half the score was 21-8 and in second half the score was 21-13. Senior team won the match easily. Second match was boys football. It was played between senior A team and DSDA junior


A skit was organized on 25th of July, 2017 here, in SCIT campus by the SCHC (Symbiosis Center for Health Care) students. Symbiosis is all set to organize a Blood Donation Drive (BDD) on 31st July 2017, on the occasion of International Students Day. They performed a skit related to the same. Through their spectacular performance, they brought into light, the ignorance of today’s youth. The performers enacted a few

…And Football Began..!!!

…And Football Began..!!! With the advent of Independence Cup’ 2015, marked by an applaudable speech from Colonel Kadam, followed by cake-cutting and two thrilling and fascinating cricket matches, which were both won by senior teams. But this did not stop the juniors on challenging them in the upcoming football matches. One was played between Div-D Juniors Team vs. Div-C Seniors team, and the other between Div-C Juniors  team vs. Div-D

First Day @SCIT

5th June,2015 My first day of MBA college. After long break I got the change to study new things, enjoy college life. I had to reach college by 10:00 am and some how I managed to reached on time. I was wearing white shirt and black trouser which was the attire for the day. I was excited and little nervous also after all it was management study new phase of


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