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Blood donation camp @SIC Campus.

“Rakht Dan maha dan”.The very slogan describes the significance of charity.Blood is the least we could do to save a precious life and symbions once again proved to lead this noble cause from the front. The blood donation camp was organized by symbiosis centre for health and sciences in collaboration with R.G gholap memorial blod bank  abd thalassemia centre on 31st of july.Many students volunteered in donating blood from scit,siib

Onashamsakal SCIT……HAPPY ONAM……

Before coming to SCIT I never realized that festivals had a deeper meaning which goes beyond colours and celebrations.Its a medium of sharing happiness ,laughter and fun with your friends. These festivals comes with an opportunity to learn about the different cultures and diversities.I want to thank the students from kerela and the whole onam celebration committee from all the three colleges to come up with such a great onam

Basics of photography

The photography hype was quite evident in the first meet of SCIT photography club. There were a lot of enthusiastic people. To my surprise the number of girls outweighed the boys, which is a rarity in India and especially if you have crossed the engineering hurdle. Everyone was keen to learn the art with the assistance of our seniors Aakash, Ayan and Devesh. The first session was about the basics

Gujarat – A reality and not a myth!

In one of my economics lectures, I was stated a lot of facts and figures from an economist’s point of view, obviously by an economist. I would today like to point some things from a common man’s view. A lot of comments and fingers were raised against Modi, Gujarat and its development. I will try to show the absolute truth. I was told some growth rates and Gujarat’s growth rate

Impact of Free Trade Agreements on India

                                Impact of Free Trade Agreements on India   Introduction In today’s world when world economy is liberalizing every country is involved in some kind of free trading agreements. Free trading agreement are the agreement in which countries agree to remove trade barriers like tariffs and quotas on most of the goods and services which are traded amongst them. These FTA seems to be beneficial for the countries because it


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