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BUDGET 2013   In the current scenario, I am sure nobody would be ready to take on the job of Finance minister of India. Considering all the corruption scams, policy inaction and growing inflation which has been the headlines of the UPA II regime for the past 5 years. And here comes a Harvard business graduate to present his 8th budget as a Finance minister….Welcome Mr. P Chidambaram (Let’s call

2012…the year that was

PERSONAL If the last year was bad for me professionally considering all the tiff’s that I had with my Project manager, this year was very bad for me personally. Well the initial 3 months of 2012 were the best this year as I was serving my notice period and I enjoyed the most in those 3 months. Then came the biggest setback in my personal life this year. Some issues

Life is Cricket !

Ok so this is going to be weird, I am attempting a complex piece here, trying to relate three different subjects viz Cricket, Real-Practical Life, and Spirituality with one important life experience, so bear with me and try to connect the dots while going through it. When I was a kid, maybe till the 11th grade, I was super crazed, obsessed and almost maniacal about Cricket, (not that now I

Education System

Kanji, a 10 year old child, who stays in a remote village in Gujarat, daily, go to school which is situated near main temple of Lord Shiva. When asked him about simple mathematical summation or multiplication of two numbers, he was not able to even read that problem statement properly. He was even lacking basic writing and reading skills in English. He is not the only “dull” student in that

Yes!!!!! We are the 90s kid

Yes!!!!! We are the 90s kid For everyone, childhood is the best part of their life. And most of us had spent best part of our life in 90s. Whenever I speak with person of my age about 90s, he/she gets nostalgic. In this blog I have written about that time, when we knew the words to ‘In-pin-safety-pin’ and ‘akkad-bakkad’ by heart; the time when playing hide-and-seek was obsession; the


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