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Only 21% Employable!

Dear All In India, Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought after professional courses. With over thousand business schools, universities and institutions in India, every year lakhs of students enroll for the most esteemed course. India, in its attempt to not get affected by the so called global recession, has been breeding industries, corporate forces, financial institutions as well as IT and outsourcing companies. Due to

What apps?

” C U on whatsapp in a minute……”” oh!Siri…that’s cool!”,Shufflr,Iris,Fingerprint,google maps,police tape,radio apps,iPad Apps,Andriod apps……. the list goes on. All these and much more…… Our communicating language has drastically been shifting to an ‘apps slang’. Around five to six years back we rarely used the term ‘app’.It is indeed very empowering. Companies developing apps are mushrooming everywhere.Two to three people getting together can form  an app development company.Also most of the people

The Big IPO Mess Up!

What happens when Mark Zuckerberg misleads investors? Facebook starts losing its ‘Face’! The hugely hyped IPO (Initial Public Offer) which people waited for with bated breath has turned into a Pandora’s Box, haunting investors and underwriters and giving analysts an opportunity to investigate, what went wrong? How is it that what was supposed to be the biggest tech IPO in U.S. history has become so chaotic and now surrounded by lawsuits? A group of

New Trend in Marketing – The Digital way

The talk of the town in business marketing efforts currently, is the boom in digital marketing. Every company seems to be in the race for a space in the digital marketing arena. We are witnessing the phenomenal success of social, internet and mobile marketing in the last few years, the Digital industry has grown by leaps and bounds globally and in India as well. Globally, there has been a spur

“Big Data”- some Infrastructural Issues

Perhaps formally a precise definition of “big data” has not yet evolved. Nevertheless, the problem of managing the big data has been faced for some time now by the CIOs and the managers of large datacenters. Earlier the high volume transactions (Airlines, Banks, Financials, etc, ) demanded more of processing speed and the resulting updates did not expand the size of the database or storage in an unmanageable velocity. The term big


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